Revisit the history of Sri Lanka

9 Nights 10 Days
A through exploration of the kingdoms that

The history of Sri Lanka spans thousands of years which dates back to prehistoric settlements. The History of Lanka has its beginnings in the culture of stone and is stretched from 125,000 BC to 1000 BC. The earliest prehistoric remains found on the island date to about 35,000 years ago (Balangoda Man). According to the chronicles of Pali Sri Lankans (Sinhalese) originated from Indro Aryan price Vijaya.

As per the chronicle’s Sri Lanka was divided into different kingdoms over the different centuries. These Sinhala Kingdom existed as successive kingdoms known by the city at which its administrative center was located.

Kingdom of Anuradhapura (377 BC – 1017 AD) / Kingdom of Polonnaruwa (1056–1236) / Kingdom of Dambadeniya (1236–1272) / Kingdom of Yapahuva Era 1272 – 1300 / Kurunagala Era (1293 – 1341) / Kingdom of Gampola (1341–1415) / Kingdom of Kotte (1408–1535) / Kingdom of Sitawaka (1521–1593) / Kingdom of Kandy (1590–1815)

Kingdom of Anuradhapura was the first kingdom of Sri Lanka. The monarchy of Anuradhapura lasted for thousand years, making it one of the lengthiest kingdoms in the world.  During this period, Buddhism was introduced from emperor of India, by his son, Mahinda Thero, Moreover, these kingdoms regularly attracted different nations in different eras and it impacted on the Sinhalese kingdoms shifting to different places. In this tour you will cover historically highlighted capitals in Sri Lanka.

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