As global warming and deforestation is playing a major role in climate change, we at Nature odyssey together with the owners of Pollwatta Eco Lodge in Digana have decided to play our role to help mitigate deforestation and global warming by reforestation. The people at the Eco Lodge have started to purchase degraded land that surrounds the lodge in order to reforest the area, with indigenous trees and also a few fruit crops to help the community earn a living out of the project as well. When you book your tours or excursions though Nature Odyssey you will be contributing a small amount of funds that will help in purchasing these trees as well as in maintenance of the land and the saplings. You are also very welcome to join in and plant your very own tree in the area, where it will be monitored and you will be provided with updates on the well being of your tree. You can contact us for more information on the reforestation project and future green initiatives that will be done by Nature Odyssey.